Loving Someone With OCD, How to Help Them Overcome Their OCD

Published: 29th December 2009
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Loving someone with OCD: how difficult can it be? You do not need to be the one who is suffering with the problem directly to experience troubles of your own with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), which can affect different people in many ways. Often, it can lead to problems within a relationship when a loved one or a friend shows signs of strange behavior. And when no one knows what is really going on, a lot of times the problem can get worse. When something seems off, and unusual, wrong ideas can easily manifest in our minds. You may start to have negative thoughts about the other person, and paranoia may set in, causing you to start thinking that the problem may have something to do with yourself. When loving someone with OCD, It can get to the point where you wonder if their actions are being done to make a statement, or with the intention of irritating you. It is important to do both of you a favor and simply talk. That is the only way you will find out what is going on, and how you can try to save your relationship.

To realize what the person whom you are concerned for is going through, you have got to first gain a little bit of knowledge about what OCD truly is. There are diverse kinds of OCD, and depending on what type your loved one is struggling with, it can be easier or more difficult to work with. If they do open up to you and try to describe what they are feeling, the worst thing you can do is care for the condition like a mental sickness. No matter how silly or illogical these feelings may seem, they are genuine, and caused by beliefs and worries that need to be addressed. You may find that your loved one feels it necessary to perform rituals, or takes up bizarre habits when doing something normally simple that you usually do. Loving someone with OCD can be difficult, but you can be an enormous help in their efforts to overcome this trouble, using your care and support. There are treatments out there which you ought to talk about together, and find one which is right for them.

There are numerous sources of information around the web and in books about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that can assist you and the person you are trying to help, just like there are therapists and counselors who offer treatment and suggestions to those struggling with it. Regrettably, a lot of these sources give partial information. This is because, although the greatest way to gain knowledge on how to solve a problem is by discussing it with someone who has been through it, most writers and counselors providing information have not actually done so. They can't offer you all of the facts that a person with understanding and experience in fighting OCD can provide. If you find yourself loving someone with OCD, help them look for a system to help them overcome OCD, keep in mind that jumping from one method to the next without giving any one method a fair opportunity to work can sometimes make troubles worse or cause misunderstanding. Every system will need a reasonable amount of patience and time to be successful, but just remember that when loving someone with OCD, you are possibly the most significant part in helping them find their path to wellness!

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