OCD - Stop OCD Or it Will Stop You

Published: 14th January 2010
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Have you ever heard that OCD gets worse over time? Well it's true. The longer you let it go, the harder it is to reverse. Some people reach the point of no return. You don't want to get to that point. So what can you do to prevent that? You have to get yourself together, stop feeling sorry for yourself and take control of your destiny.

You need to stop acting like a helpless spectator in your life and actually take the driver's seat. You need to stop complaining about what is going on around you. Stop blaming people and situations for where you are in life. Followers blame, leaders take responsibility. You need to just decide that you are not going to suffer from OCD and that's that.

What are you going to do? No one is going to hold your hand and walk you to freedom from OCD. You need to get up and take some action. You did not get OCD over night and you are not going to get over it over night. Stop trying to find the magic cure or pill that's going to fix all your problems, there is none.

You need to be willing to put the work in to get rid of OCD. The reason so many people suffer with it is because they are waiting for someone to knock on their door and tell them that everything is going to be ok, that there is a miracle cure for OCD and all you gotta do is get a prescription. Sad to say it doesn't work that way, and thank God it doesn't!

I need you to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this question, "What am I doing?" "Why am I doing this to myself?" Then you need to slap yourself and say "Wake up!" You don't need to be punishing yourself like this over and over again, why? Exactly. Just do this and you'll see, life is greener on the OCD free side.

Now that you have motivated yourself, you need to take action. Becoming OCD free is not for the lazy. You cannot expect to get anything worth getting done without working hard at it. You are going to mess up, you are going to backslide. You need to get over it. Just like the late Aaliyah said, "dust yourself off and try again." You need to realize that you have to do this.

I am here to tell you that if I could do this, you definitely can do this! There is no question about it. You have to want it. You have to be hungry for mental freedom. Are you happy feeling self pity? Are you getting attention from people and special treatment because of your OCD. You have to realize that it's not worth it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and make the best decision you're going to make this year!

Decide that you will no longer suffer with OCD and watch what happens. Watch how the planets align themselves to make it so. When your resolve is so strong and your actions are laser like to your goals, how can you fail? I didn't and you're not going to either!

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Derek J. Soto is an ex-sufferer of OCD who will show you how to get rid of it for good.

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